Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring Break - Honey Bee's

If you look back at my blog posts you will see one that I made one recently about our trip to the HONEY BEE CENTRE  in Surrey. We had so much fun tasting and looking at honey that we decided to head back there with some of our besties from the island and do the grand tour.

Everyone itching to get in and explore.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the kids.

Would they be into it?
Would it be entertaining enough?
Would they get quickly bored and want to leave? 

As soon as we walked in the door my concerns went up in smoke...poof. They loved it. 1 hr of true Bee Bliss. 

They headed straight to the honey sticks. For $1 they can choose 4 sticks...16 flavours to choose from.  

While they debated colours and flavours Christie and I sampled the honey and chose our favourites. We both went for the orange blossom.  

Yummy yum. 

Then we paid our $5 dollars and began the self guided tour. We walked to the back room and went into the BUG Museum. The kids were handed little lab coats to wear, clip boards and magically became cute little mini entomologists!

There were lots of bugs, butterflies, insects, bees, larva, spiders and cockroaches to explore. 

The kids took their jobs of finding each insect on their sheet very seriously. It was so fun to watch. 


They kept running back and forth yelling out insects and spiders that they had found to one another...they could hardly contain their excitement. 

Miss S. points out the honey bees to the others. 

Once the scavenger hunt was over we headed to the video room where we could...

Try on the Bee Keeper Suits! So cute. 

Watch a movie on the Honey Bee Centre 
(long and boring...give this part a miss.  We had to break out snacks to keep them pinned down) 

Read books on Bees (Thank-you Teacher Christie) 

Look at "stuff" with the magnifying glass in our bee suits
 and of course sample honey, real honeycomb and eat honey sticks.

The kids didn't want to leave. But we did. It was such a nice day that it was almost painful to be inside. So we headed out...resisted the urge to hit Mc Donalds Drive thru and just snacked them up on the way to the Langley Events Centre. 

The 3 Musketeers on the Bee. 
Fitting don't you think? 

It was 12 degrees, but felt like 20. It was amazing and the sun felt sooooo good. It was fresh out, it was warm, it was blue sky and dare I say relaxing? 

Christie thought so. So did I. 

The astroturf was perfect for Avery. 

Why? She couldn't put it in her mouth. Nothing is worse than picking out bark mulch from your kids mouth and Diaper. 

The kids played forever...this park is AWESOME and SOOOOOOOOOO clean. At least it was when we were there. IT was so clean we kept commenting on it. The kids could have cared less. Too busy...


And we chatted and bad we didn't get coffee's.

Next time.

Thanks for coming out you guys...we had so much fun...sure we drank too much wine...stayed up to late...woke up too early...ate too much food..but it was fun. Plus we got together with Sister and I even painted my nails! There was sun sun and more sun.

Who could ask for anything more than that.


I could.

Wanna move here? It would be fun? Or I could move day I will be an Islander. Hope so anyway.

Until then...

...we miss you already...



  1. I love it, I love it, I love it!!! We has so much fun too! Such a wonderful memory that you have captured so beautifully...with an Erin touch!
    PS The girls listen to music in their room all the time now. Easton inspired them.
    PPS I want to blog!!!!

  2. Love all the blogs and all the pictures especially yours.